Places to Publish Family History

Below are several publications that accept stories that feature individuals or families. Some require peer review before publication.

If you have a story of an individual or family member, look at the submission guidelines for periodicals from their home state to see if there is a possible match.

Note: The number following the publication indicates how many libraries around the world include the periodical in their collection. A “Y” indicates the periodical is in the collection at the Library of Congress. This information was collected from the WorldCat.

Alaska History (150Y)

The Journal of Arizona History (286Y)

Arkansas Historical Quarterly (848Y)

California History (746Y)

Delaware History (266Y)

The Florida Historical Quarterly (495Y)

The Georgia Historical Quarterly (932Y)

The Hawaiian Journal of History (382Y)

Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (962Y)

Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History (218Y)

THG: Connections (4)

 The Annals of Iowa

The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society (599Y)

 Kentucky Ancestors Online


Maine History (70Y)

Maryland Historical Magazine (369Y)

The Massachusetts Historical Review (536Y)

Michigan History Magazine (381Y)

Chronicle (105N)

Journal of Mississippi History (291Y)

Missouri Historical Review (491Y)

 Gateway (149Y)

Montana: the Magazine of Western History (773Y)

Nebraska History (354Y)

American Ancestors Magazine (234Y)

Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (165Y)

Historical New Hampshire (198Y)

North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains (2)

Timeline (205Y)

Chronicles of Oklahoma (537Y)

Oregon Historical Quarterly (707)

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (822Y)

South Carolina Historical Magazine (606Y)


Southwestern Historical Quarterly (1011Y)

Tennessee Ancestors (142Y)

Utah Historical Quarterly (311Y)

Vermont History (331Y)


Other Historical Associations (Publications need to be identified):