Murray’s Life in Postcards

Butte, Montana


Murray made a fortune by charging surface rents to buildings owners on his Smokehouse Lode Mining Claim. He had a right to enter his mining claim at any point, so owners paid rent to keep him from destroying their properties to access his claim.



murray hospital

Dr. T.J. Murray, no relation, told his son that Murray financed his hospital in Butte, Montana.



Hot Springs & Resorts


Birds Eye View of Hunters Hot Springs

Murray’s first resort was Hunter’s Hot Springs near the northern gateway to Yellowstone Park. The property included the Dakota hotels.


Dakota Hotel




Lobby at Hunters Hot Springs



Tennis Court Hunters Hot Springs

Fishing Hunters Hot Springs

Yellowstone River

The Cold Springs



Monterey, California


Murray Mansion Postcard (2)

Murray purchased the former home of Hugh Tevis in 1904 from David Jacks. His family was the first and last resident. The property, sitting at the edge of Cannery Row, was acquired for a cannery and demolished after WW II.



Post Card of Home

Casa Los Olas


Murray commissioned this monument to replace a simple wooden cross that marked the location of Serra’s first mass in Northern California.



San Diego, California

Murray Lake.jpg

Murray owned the Cuyamaca Water Company in San Diego from 1910 until he died in 1921. The Cuyamaca and Murray Dams are part of the system he owned.




Seattle, Washington


Murray’s bank in Seattle was the second high-rise built with a steel and concrete frame.



Salt Lake City


When Murray passed away in 1921, he held a $300,000 mortgage on the Semloh Hotel.