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These articles are drawn from research papers prepared during the first two and a half years of my PhD program (2016-2018). The topics come from my extensive career as a practitioner in local economic and community development, and reflect my concerns over the effectiveness of programs I promoted and administered. In general terms, I’m concerned that, in retrospect, I did not sufficiently weigh the interests of local business owners and residents in delineating program policies for local officials. My dissertation topic (local taxes and wages in tourism) builds on these exploratory studies and reflections, and will chart one tributary to a  larger stream of future research; defining, measuring and articulating local choices which can advance the economic security of residents/employees and local businesses owners.

General Local Economic Development Topics

Community Wealth Shapes Local Economic Development Programs (1/2)

Local Economic Development Metrics

A Survey of Local Economic Metrics in Virginia

Rethinking Metrics for Local Economic Development

Self-report accuracy in local economic development programs (forthcoming journal article)

Tourism & Local Economic Development

Making the case for a Just Host

Tourism for taxes or good jobs?

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Iowa Data Sources:

Statistical data for Iowa Counties and Cities is available through the Iowa Government Finance Initiative administered by Iowa State University (ISU).  This basic descriptive data is consolidated from surveys conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau readily available though websites like the American FactFinder and is accompanied with generic commentary by ISU regarding financial management.