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  • The Missed Opportunity for an Economic Budget

    “There is something wrong with the distribution of income in our economy. Not enough of the income created by production gets into the hands of those that will spend it back into production. Senator James E. Murray, 1945 [1] The end of World War II placed employment at the top of the national agenda. Seasoned… Read more

  • Senator Murray nomination to Labor Hall of Honor

    The Employment Act of 1946 will soon mark its 75th anniversary. Election of the “spark of will” behind the Act to the Department of Labor Hall of Honor prior to the diamond anniversary of this landmark legislation would be a fitting step toward the celebrations sure to follow. Murray would be the Hall’s first elected official from… Read more

  • So your political opponent is a communist…

    So your political opponent is a communist…

    In 1953, Representative Wesley D’Ewart (R) ran against Senator Murray’s liberal record, casting him  as a communist sympathizer. Vice President Richard Nixon campaigned for D’Ewart using the same approach. D’Ewart’s campaign produced a booklet listing Murray’s affiliations with communist sympathizers, adorned with compelling graphics that would make even the most aggressive campaign managers today hold their nose.… Read more