Aggie Square v. Oak Park Neighborhood

I’m currently collecting, analyzing and evaluating reports prepared by the University of California at Davis, the City of Davis, Yolo County, and the City of Sacramento for the expansion of the university’s facilities, programs, and fundraising capacity. I am documenting the strategies and tactics used by the University to advance their objectives and evaluating the balance of power between proponents and activists from the Oak Park neighborhood involved in the planning process. The products will include a conference paper, followed by either a proposed essay or article for academic journals.

My interest in this specific conflict is rooted in my past involvement helping the Women’s Civic Improvement Club (WCIC) work-out of a foreclosure proceeding to retain their community center. The WCIC is the oldest African-American women’s organization in the City of Sacramento. During my work with the WCIC I came to appreciate how their persistent activism preserved equity in their community for multiple generations of Oak Park residents.

My timeline for this project:

June: Collect all publicly available records. Public Records Act requests submitted to UC Davis (June 6-8), Freedom of Information Act request submitted to the City of Sacramento (June 13), and economic impact report requested from the City of Davis (June 14).

July: Analyze distribution of private and public economic benefits (accuracy dependent on cooperation of UC Davis and City of Sacramento in sharing decision making documents and agreements).

August: Publish draft conference paper.